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Happy Republic Day


The bodies of two jawans who were brutally killed by Pakistan troops were being flown to Delhi. Wrapped in the tri-color the bodies of Lance Naik Hemraj (29) and Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh (28) who laid down their lives while fighting Pakistani troop during a raid by 29 Baloch Regiment were brought to Rajouri from the forward post in Poonch district

Hold your head high; let the world know You are Proud to be an Indian. Vande Mataram and Happy Republic Day

Independence is usually important to a country. The reasons it is important is because with independence the country can make its own decisions and live by its own rules. Also they can vote and do whatever they think and not have someone telling them what to do.

The President said on the 64th Republic Day,

"The youth of India spread across villages and towns, are in the vanguard of change. The future belongs to them. They are today troubled by a range of existential doubts.

The President said the young cannot dream on an empty stomach. They must have jobs capable of serving their own as well as the nation's ambitions.

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Role of Homoeopathy in a case of colon cancer

M B S (osm) M D (Hom) P G Dip (Env Stud)
Principal Devs Homoeopathic Medical college,

Colorectal cancer, commonly known as colon cancer or bowel cancer is a  Cancer from uncontrolled cell growth in the colon or rectum, or in the appendix. Genetic analysis shows that colon and rectal tumours are essentially genetically the same cancer.1 Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world, but it is more common in developed countries. Around 60% of cases were diagnosed in the developed world. It is estimated that worldwide, in 2008, 1.23 million new cases of colorectal cancer were clinically diagnosed, and that it killed 608,000 people 1.The overall incidence of colorectal cancer increased until 1985 and then began decreasing at an average rate of 1.6% per year. Deaths from colorectal cancer rank third after lung and prostate cancer for men and third after lung and breast cancer for women. Increased intake of animal fats and calories and reduced intake of fibre, fruits and vegetables, and micronutrients such as calcium, vitamin A, C and D, folic acid and selenium are associated with an increased risk of developing CRC. Bile acids are also implicated in colon carcinogenesis. Increased physical activity and use of aspirin in higher doses are associated with reduced incidence of CRC.
There are wide geographical differences in the incidence of colorectal cancer (CRC); this is partly due to the differences in dietary habits. Westernisation of the diet in Eastern countries like Japan and Singapore has lead to an increase in the incidence of colorectal cancer. Even though the population-based incidence of colorectal cancer in India is very low (< 5 per 100,000 men), it is an important cancer due to the large population affected. A majority of Indian patients are diagnosed in an advanced stage, when the chances of long-term cure are low 2
Colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK. Each year over 30 000 new cases are diagnosed in England and Wales (68% colon, 32% rectal cancer) and it is registered as the underlying cause of death in about half this number. The prevalence rate per 100 000 (all ages) is 53.5 for men and 36.7 for women. The incidence increases with age, the average age at diagnosis being 60-65 years. The disease is much more common in westernized countries than in Asia or Africa 3
The disease occurs more often in upper socioeconomic populations who live in urban areas. Mortality from colorectal cancer is directly correlated with per capita consumption of calories, meat protein, and dietary fat and oil as well as elevations in the serum cholesterol concentration and mortality from coronary artery disease 4
Colon Cancer Symptoms
bleeding from rectum or blood mixed stools. Rectal bleeding may be hidden and chronic and may show up as an Iron deficiency anemia  , fatigue  and pale skin. obstructive symptoms like Abdominal distension:, pain abdomen , Unexplained, persistent nausea or vomiting, Unexplained  weight loss , Change in frequency or character of stool , ribbon-like stools  Sensation of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement and Rectal pain: Pain rarely occurs with colon cancer and usually indicates a bulky tumor.5

A case of Carcinoma of Colon. Was reported to me in my private clinic, all the investigations were pointing towards Carcinoma of Colon, 
Patient by name Mr B, aged 45 years, broom stick cellar by occupation, came to me with many reports. Our friends in conventional system gave poor prognosis by labelling the case as Carcinoma of Colon.
Passing semi liquid mucous stools, < eating after, duration 18 months
Pain burning in anal area since duration 10 months
Pain in abdomen < eating after duration 10 months
History of weight loss duration 6 months
PAST HISTORY: met with small  injury at  childhood .not able to recollect tell about his health status 
*        Parents-died cause old age
*        Sibilings - Apparently healthy. No known diseases history.
*        Grand parents-died , not able to tell about them .
*        *Appetite- Good
*        *Diet- mixed.
*        *Thirst-2- 3 lits/ day.
*        *Desire- warm food
*        * Aversions/ intolerance- NS.
*        *Bowels- Regular.passing liquied, mucus
*        *Urine- 5/6 times/day. No special. Characteristics.
*        *Sweat- NS
*        *Sleep- disturbed.
*        Habits and addictions: Alcohol
*                    He belongs to a lower middle class family of Hyderabad. His father was a manual laborer  . He was a fourth child of his parents. Full term, normal delivery in house. never went to school. he was married and started selling broom sticks by going on bicycle . couple never conceived , when he was advised to go for semen analysis it was found he was suffering with Azospermia. Various types of treatments were taken with out any positive results. later couple adopted a child and leading a normal life.
*        General physical examination
*        Patient was short stature  58.9 KGs weight,  no pallor, cyanosis, oedema, clubbing or lymphadenopathy.
*        Systemic examination
*        GIT System: abdomen was soft, liver palpable, spleen not enlarged
*        CNS System: Nothing abnormal detected
*        CVS System: Nothing abnormal detected
*        Respiratory System: Nothing abnormal detected
*        Locomoto System: Nothing abnormal detected
*        Investigations:
*        09-09-09 CT scan of abdomen (with oral and rectal I V contrast): focal cirumferantial mucosal thichening of asending colon s/o CA colon
*        11-09-09  Diagnosis at MNJ Cancer institute : is CA colon
*        15-09-09—colonoscope report :3x3 cm grouth hepatic flexer CA colon
*        15-09-09 histopathlogical report : granulation tissue, no atypical cells identified
*        10-09-09  surgical pathology report : granulomatus inflamatary cells CA colon
*        02-10-09 Biopsy report :impression : in favour of acute inflammatory lesion
*        010909: Barium enema : on USG correlation intussusceptions of hepathic flexur of colon visulalised, on enema abrupting ending of barium colon.
*        Clinical diagnosis: CA colon
*        Clinical classification
*        Dynamic chronic fully developed miasmatic disease.
*        Miasmatic diagnosis
*        Psoro-Sycotic and Syphilitic.
*        Susceptibility: moderate
*        Totality of symptoms :
*        Sadness about health
*        Weakness
*        Weakness after diarrhoea
*        Desire for warm Food 
*        Family history of alcoholism
*        Azoospermia
*        Diarrhoea eating after
*        Pain burning anal area stool after
*        Pain burning abdomen eating after
*        Repertorisation (See below)
*        Ars alb covered six symptoms out of nine, five symptoms are grade one, followed by Bryonia with 5/9,Lycopodium 4/9, as most of generals covered and mental general covered by Ars Alb, Ars alb It was selected.
*        9/10/09 ie before total case was taken ,on the day one Thuja30C, Five doses were given every 12 th hourly, along with Placebo 5 days .
*        Patient came on 02-11-09 instead 27th Oct 09(case was taken and reprtorisation was done)
*        Weight 59.6 kgs; there were no new symptoms,
*         Ars alb 200C, five doses were given as it was selected on the basis of
Repertorisation, each dose was asked to take every 12 hourly, followed by placebo for ten days.
*        16-11-09 weight was 60kgs, G C was good
*        18-11-09 he had sore throat. cough after taking cold drinks
*        Hepar Sulp 6c was given 5 doses
*        02-12-09 weight was 59.9 kgs., general health was satisfactory, all the symptoms were persisting , according the patient intensity was less, but weight was reduced , in spite of good diet,  Tuberculinum 200c one dose was given. Rubrum  for 10 days were given.
*        11-1-10 weight was 60.7 kgs general health was satisfactory
*        Rubrum was given
*        31-1-10 general health was satisfactory, out of nine symptoms which were taken as totality ,eight were relived
*        On 22/02/10 patient came to me with slight pain in abdomen, with passing of offensive liquid stools
*        Weight was 62.2 kgs, Ars alb 200C, five doses were given, and each dose was asked to take every 12 hourly, followed by placebo for ten days.
*        25-03-10 he gained weight to 63.8 kgs, there was general wellbeing was seen , weight gain was there , he was asked to go for  investigations  or to consult earlier gastroenterologists ,but patient was already milked out by other system health care personals ,he was not financially sound ,he escaped by saying now I am keeping good health what was the necessary for costly investigations
*        Tuberculinum 1M, One dose was given, Rubrum was given
*        08-04-10, weight was 63.8 kgs, general health was satisfactory ,One month Rubrum was given
Discussion :
In the above case all investigations were done , all investigations were pointing towards Cancer colon, only biopsy was differed, clinical correlation was tilted towards Cancer colon, at this point, I would like to emphasis that how important is the role of investigations in nosological diagnosis of a case, if investigations were not there we could have diagnosed the case as Chronic Dysentary which is common in lower socio economical group of people, Patient was followed up to 18 months diarrhoea  was controlled, general wellbeing maintained, what ever may be diagnosis, mental agony was relived by our system of medicine and established general wellbeing.

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2013 New Year Celebration at Devs Homoeopathic Medical College, Hyderabad

On 31st of December 2012 at 1 PM on a chilly day,  new year day celebrations took place at Devs Homoeopathic Medical college, Deva nagar, Ankireddypalli, R R Disrict, A P, the year 2012 was given a ceremonious farewell by cutting Chocolate chip  cake by Dr Satya Dev, President  Davis educational society, the year 2013 was welcomed by cutting mouth watering  pineapple cake by Principal Dr Mohan. Staff and students participated in this event by exchanging the bites of cake. New year wishes were exchanged between staff and students , groups took   photographs  as a mark of remembrance
Thanks for your new year greeting , I receprocate the same ---Dr G R Mohan