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urinary incontinence Homoeopathy

A Case of urge incontinence :

Ms LBV,Patient aged 49,femal sex, cook by occupation, moderate built with 62.5 Kgs weight, who was diagnosed as urge incontinence came to my clinic Sept 2008, with following symptoms, on interrogation she said as she is cook in a orthodox family.

Presenting complaints: depressed look, pain in lower back, <> walking, suddenly dribbling of urine <>

Past history: Menorrhagia, late menopause.

Family history: mother OA patient,

Past treatment history: Hysterectomy in 2007 underwent various treatments for urinary incontinence without any benefit for one year.

Personal history

Appetite: good, Thirst: thirst less, desires and Aversions: NP, bowel movement: regular /satisfactory, urination: normal flow, occasional urge incontinence, perspiration: cold perspiration on either physical or mental exertion, habits: nil, Sleep: refreshing, Dreams: occasional, thermal state: not able to express and menstrual history: Status Hysterectomy

life space investigation: parents belongs to lower middle class family, 3 brothers and three sisters, she is second, educated up to middle school level, , discontinued studies, started working as helper in houses, married at 18 the year blessed with 3 children, husband is a heart patient, for his health she has incurred heavy expenditure. Family in financial crisis.

Physical examination: Not Anemic, no Jaundice, no Clubbing, no edema

With pulse rate of 70 PM, regular, Blood pressure: 126/80 mm Hg

Provisional diagnosis: Urge Incontinence

Results of repertorisation:

Choice of remedy: Sepia Sepia covered first four symptoms(10), including mind symptom(2)

Sepia 200c, 3doses were given, Rubrum for 15 days were given, case was followed every 15 days, there was no improvement, and Sepia 200C to 10M was given up to without any relief. case was reviewed, causation was taken as important factor in selection of remedy (urinary incontinence was after Hysterectomy). BLADDER - URINATION - involuntary - surgical operation; after a staph. was only single remedy 3rd grade. Staphysagria suits all three of the miasms, Staphysagria 200c was given on above reason, followed by rubrum for 30 days. The number of involuntary urination has came down; she stopped treatment on 20th july 2009, reported back after three months with out any incontinence (4)

In above case causation was considered which gave breakthrough in the case. Knowingly or un knowingly we commit mistakes in selecting a remedy.

*** Full article is published in Feb,2010,

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