Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bed side teaching Importance in Homoeopathic Colleges

Teaching at the bedside is defined as “Teaching in the presence of the patient”, and this applies to any situation where the teaching occurs in the presence of the patient. It is an active learning process with a limited group of learners, and permits evaluation of all three domains. It Bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical reality in addition to fostering the qualities of scientific thought (observation, problem solving and decision making). As the numbers in admission are coming down year by year owing to the poor quality of clinical teaching with poor patients strength, clinical teaching is a must for learning practical skills in prescription and following up of cases.

Majority of homoeopathic hospitals are facing decreased admission strength as there is no special care for in-patients compared to that received by the out-patients. It becomes difficult to demonstrate a good clinical case (successfully homeopathically treated case). This is a vicious cycle. Many Administrators many not agree on this viewpoint. But the only way to increase the conviction in the homoeopathic system is to break this vicious cycle.

This is just a brief overview of one of my articles published in HomeoBuzz, Vol 3, No.11, 2008