Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ashoka Stupa Kolhua, Bihar,India.

Kolhua is between Vaishali and Muzaffarpur, around 12 km from Vaishali. At Kolhua, Lord Buddha preached his last sermon. To commemorate the event, Emperor Ashoka, in the third century B.C. erected one of his famous lion pillars. Adjacent to this is the tank associated with the monkeys offering honey.

Vaishali Buddhists and jains pilgrim center

Reading history is not sufficient, we should also visit historical place

On 9th April 09 I along few friends planed to visit Vaishali a historical place which we read only in history books. We were stationed at Muzaffarpur a district in Bihar state. The trip was not planned well because of time factor. We caught a local bus reached the place which was nearly 40 Kilometers from Muzaffarpur. Vaishali is very important pilgrim center for jains and Buddhists. Lord Mahavir was born in Vaishali and lived till his 22nd year.

Today Vaishali is a small village with fields,from main road we walked 2 Kilometers to reach world peace Pagoda. On the way you can see a beautiful Vietnamese Buddhist Stupa-vihar which still under construction.World peace Pagoda the symbol of World peace at Vaishali, was constructed by Japanese Buddhists. The top portion of the stupa houses Lord Buddha’s statues; these statues are made of glass and fiber and have been polished by gold.

museum is present for the benefit of visitors. Facing the museum is the Abhishek Pushkarni which was holy to Lichchhavis. Shaded stupa near to Close to the museum is supposed to have housed with the ashes of Buddha.

Lastly Food, drinking water and transportation are very poor, if aged persons wish to visit better they hire a cab with food stuff either from Muzaffarpur or Patna, flow of visitors are less.