Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glaucoma case cured by homoeopathy

Glocoma Case 3:6
Glaucoma affects the optic nerve and cause vision loss. An elevated IOP is the most important risk factor for the development of Glaucoma. Normal IOP is can range from 10-21 mm Hg. Laser trabeculoplasty will not cure glaucoma. In most cases it brings the eye pressure back under control by improving drainage of fluid from the eye. Once the optic nerve has been damaged, it cannot be repaired. In Homoeopathic system there are quite good number of remedies, one of these is Osmium is a metal of the Platinum group. Which has reduced IOP.
Prescribing totality was as follows,
Gen air open >
Eyes Pain burning
Vision dim
Vision Colors before eyes
Eye pain general touch <
Belladonna 17/7, Phosphorus 14/7 (complete rep, Hompath classic 8)
18/09/04 Belladonna 200c,25/09/04 Phosphorus 0/1, 5doses, 07/10/04 Phosphorus 0/3, 5doses did not give expected relief of symptoms.
Case was reviewed and Boericke and Clarke materia medicas were referred and osmium 30, 5doses was given on the bases of “Increase in intra-ocular tension, dim sight, and photophobia. Violent supra and infra-orbital neuralgia, violent pains and lachrymation. Green colors around the light. Always found. Open air helps the smarting in eyes”.
25/10/04 patient was cheerful and said he is better by 40—50%, still vision was poor but it was comparatively better after osmium. Osmium 200c was given 3doses with 10days placebo. 08/11/04 case was sent ophthalmologist for IOP measurement and advice. IOP has reduced; ophthalmologist has advised him to continue the same treatment.6


  1. Hello Sir, I am sivananda raju from bangalore. My age is 26. I have been diagnosed as glaucoma in nov 2011. I am taking Travatan eye drop. When i started the drop that time my pressure was 24,25. After that my pressure reduced to 17,18. from last few months i am also observing floaters. Since i am young so i am not comfortable to use Travatan life time. Can you please advice if i can go with homeopathy? Kindly let me know your advice else also please tell me if i can get an appointment?

    1. Please contact homeopathic doctor Dr. B. Bhattacharjee from Dhaka, Bangladesh. His phone number is: 01718-452145

  2. Sorry I was away, Pl consult a qualified homoeopath from your place.Try for few months and get checked up


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